About The Song

I saw a horrific video of a Palestinian man who was on his knees holding his dead child in his arms, holding him or her up to the sky, crying hysterically, with the haunting sound that sounded like his soul was in deep pain.  It sent shivers down my spine and tears down my face as he was pleading shouting, and crying, “Where are you God?”

This Palestinian man lost his entire family.  All 8 members, of which 3 were babies 2-3-5 years old, and his mother, father, sister, brother, sons, and daughters. One of many Palestinians to lose everything including their families, while the world watches this horrific genocide and they do nothing.

I was saddened and compelled as a Palestinian to share the moment the best way I know how; through music. I wanted to record a track from his perspective. I wanted to project his voice, his pain, and his loss. I wanted you to feel what I felt when I heard his voice and felt his pain. I wanted the listener to stand in his shoes, to stand in the bloody war-torn streets of Gaza. As he held his child to the sky and cried to God, “Help him”, cried to God, “Take me”, over and over. (A Cry for God)

That Palestinian man is our father, brother, son, and countryman—a citizen of Palestine. The world has turned its back on them all.  With no home or a country to go to. From 48 to 23 and everything in between.

I recorded the track in Arabic. By far the most emotional, painful, and heartbreaking thing I ever put on tape. I stand and cry with all my fellow Palestinians. I will always honor my ancestors and my fellow Palestinians, and I hope I honor you with this track. Something for all to cry to and with, and never forget all those who died in this horrific genocide. We will never forget.

Allah Yrhoomhom – “God have mercy on their souls”

Written and Produced By: Adel Bseiso 

“From the bottom of my heart”